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Preparing Scallops and Where They Come From

Thawing Scallops

The best way to thaw out scallops is to take them out of their packaging and place them on a tray or plate to thaw out overnight in the fridge. This way they defrost evenly, and you can even set them on a tea towel to soak up any excess water. If you're wanting to defrost them quickly you can take them out of the packaging and defrost them in a warm bowl of water. 

Save Some For Later

If you're only wanting to cook a partial pack of scallops you can easily refreeze the portion you're not wanting. When refreezing make sure they are in a freezer safe bag and air tight. Remember you don't want to refreeze any type of seafood that defrosted at room temperature. 

Where Do Scallops Come From?

Alaskan Seafood Guys scallops are wild caught east coast sea scallops. This type of scallop usually are not as big as weathervane scallops but they still get to a decent size perfect for any type of cooking. Scallops are a type bivalve mollusk and are available year round.