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2 Person Crawfish Boil (IN STORE PICKUP)


The 2 Person Crawfish Seafood Boil Kit is loaded with 2 lbs. of Louisiana Crawfish plus all of the fixings.  We pack each Boil Kit in a boil bag.  All you do is boil water and cook the boil bag for 8-9 minutes.

Each Seafood Boil Kit includes:

2 lbs. Louisiana Crawfish

2 Corn Cobettes

1/2 lb. of Potatoes

2 Large Andouille Sausage

Your Choice of Butter Sauce

The Seafood Boil is pre packaged in a ready to boil bag.  This means all you have to do is boil your water, add your seasoning, boil your kit for 8 minutes. Don't forget to choose on one of our famous Boil Butter Sauces.

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2 Person Crawfish Boil (IN STORE PICKUP)