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The Challenges of Travel in Alaska

The Logistics of Travel in Alaska


Logistics are a little challenging in Southeast Alaska. The facts that it rains thirteen feet a year, we are all on islands and that no roads connect might be a big part of the problem. But, one rare nice day my friends helped me arrange an adventure for my wife and 5-year-old son, Jon.  (Who happens to be the Alaska Seafood Guy.)

My helicopter pilot jumped us over the Wrangell Narrows, cut over a ridge and landed on the grassy flats beside Hoagie’s Hole my favorite fishing spot on Petersburg Creek. Then we followed the creek for about three miles through what my wife called “the land of the lost”.  This Forest Service trail was more overgrown and had more trees across it than I recalled.  Some friends picked us up in the village of Kupreanof Alaska and ferried us back to Petersburg. 

On the way home I asked Jon what the best part of the day was?  “Everything!” He replied.

“What was the best part of the helicopter ride?” “That Doc landed.” Little Jonny hadn’t been to the airport to see us land the helicopter.  He’d only seen movie where the “army guys roll out”.

“Best part of the hike?” “When you had to carry me.”  Short legs and big logs to step over; makes sense. 

“What’s the best part of this boat ride?”  “That your friends waited an hour for us.”

The trail proved harder on Jon than I expected.  But travel in Southeast Alaska is not subject to a schedule.  It is subject to the whim of the tides and the weather.  And on a rare sunny summer day any Southeast Alaskan would love to spend an hour soaking up the sunshine, smoking cigarettes (which keeps the mosquitoes at bay) and finally see the scenery for once, stripped of fog and rain.


Author - William Moulton