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35 Years and Still in Petersburg, AK - Why it's Worth Staying

I can still recall the surprising good things I discovered about living  in a small town in Southeast Alaska.

“You don’t have to use your turn signal, cause everyone knows where you are going anyway.” 

Twice, when I first moved here and no one knew me, I lost my check book.  Each time it reappeared like magic in my post office box.

If Alaska Airlines wants to leave early; they call you at home.  If you forgot to check-in, they call you at home.  Regardless you don’t have to leave home for boarding until you hear the jet landing.

The wilderness lays outside your door.  Literally!

If you call he radio station with a song request; they play it!  If you want to do a radio show KFSK will give you a slot. Want a part in the community play?  You got it!  Want to play  on a high school sports team?  You are on the team!

Just a short skiff ride to Dry Bay and you will have five miles of white sand beaches all to yourself. (Well, except for the wolves and bears.)

An endless supply of fresh salmon, halibut, shrimp and Dungeness crab.  Your crab pot can keep three households in crab during the season.

After I’d been here a while, my girlfriend came to town.   She tried, with no success, to open my post office box to get her mail.  When she went to counter, before she had a chance to ask for help, the clerk called her by name and went to get her mail.

The Salty Pantry calls when the croissants are about to come out of the oven.

I forgot about a birthday party!  I called Lee’s Clothing and said I need a large flannel shirt.  They picked one out, boxed it up and had wrapped in time for me to pick it up on the way to the party.

Petersburg is a small compact town.  You can walk anywhere.   A friend visited once, who was a fitness nut.  My friend went for a power-walk out the road.  Five different cars pulled over to offer a  ride.

Finally, “It’s so quiet!” I was told 35 years later by visitors to banner-hung Petersburg. 

“Really?” I had to take their word for it. 


Author - William Moulton